Best Dive Computers Reviews 2017 & How To Choose Yours

Deep down on the marine or oceanic floor dive computer is a diver’s true friend.  Safety should be a priority before getting into the underwater adventures. Dive computer provides with this safety by tracking such important information as the depth of the water, the status of decompression avoidance, additionally, it follows the tank pressure and many other essential safety features.

Suunto Dive Computer has proved itself to be a reliable and affordable gear in a diver’s life. It is notable to mention that Suunto can please any dive enthusiasts starting from the beginners up to diving gurus. In this post, you can find the necessary information on two of the new models of Suunto, as well as on the best sellers so far.

Also take a look at our current campaign for Suunto Dive Computers.

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Scubapro regulators

May 25, 2017 1:06:41 PM

Scubapro Regulator Review

Oh, diving! The feeling of weightlessness, feeling of being part of the beautiful world of the fish. If we could, we would spend all our time under water. Unlike fish, though we can't breathe under water without a little help from scuba regulators.

So let's talk a little about scuba diving regulators. 

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Gear up!

May 17, 2017 11:21:15 AM

Having trouble gearing up with all the offers on the market? We selected this article, which will help you with your first purchase.Take a look!

We have also made some great bundles of gear for you. Check out and choose yours!

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Divestock’s Spring Break at Red Sea

Apr 26, 2017 3:48:32 PM

The Divestock team just arrived from Red Sea where we had the chance to try out some brand new products together with some previously launched diving gear. This time we decided to test Scubapro Hydros Pro BCD and Fourth Element Xenos 3 mm wetsuit. We are glad to share the experience with you. 
Last days to take advantage of free shipping on latest gear.

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OMS Safety I PINK (1 meter Hybrid SMB, Spool 75 and Safety Pocket) Set is a must have new safety gear for divers. Its inflatable with 2 methods: orally or from the bottom with 2nd stage. In addition, as its colored PINK, then ladies may favor it to standard orange color.

Take a look at how it's performing underwater and check out the campaign on the rest of the #latestgear released HERE

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