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Cressi Leonardo- Dive Computer Review

Cressi Leonardo- Dive Computer Review
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Cressi Leonardo & Free Bag Bundle

Cressi Leonardo is the first dive computer that is designed and built entirely by Cressi.

The computer has an elegant expression of simple and functional design. It is a must-have for divers entering the sport and those who “just want to dive.”

Single button interface makes it super easy to program Air, Nitrox and Gauge modes the first time a diver picks the computer up, and an edge-to-edge, high-definition screen gives large numerical displays in a computer that is still compact and travel-friendly.

The clearly visible battery life indicator and distinct audible alarms will deliver critical information as well as peace-of-mind during the dive.

The Leonardo can also be fully re-set after each use, making it an excellent choice for rental departments.

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Technical Specifications

Algorithm: Cressi RGBM Algorithm

  • Air, Nitrox and Gauge modes
  • FO2 adjustable between 21% and 50%
  • PO2 adjustable between 1.2 bar and 1.6 bar
  • CNS oxygen toxicity graphic indicator
  • Sample tissues: 9 with saturation hemi-phases between 2.5 and 480 minutes
  • Dimensions and weight: Diameter: 67 mm - Height: 27 mm - Weight: 135 g

Depth Sensor

  • Sea water setting (fresh water depths are about 3% lower)
  • Measuring field: 0-393 ft., measured every second.
  • GAGE function measuring field: 0-393 ft.
  • Precision: +/- 1% (T 20°C – 68 F).
  • Reading resolution: 10 cm (0 to 100 m) / 1 m (100 to 120 m) / 1 ft (0 to 316 ft)
  • Dive time: 0 to 255 minutes
  • Data acquisition frequency: 20 sec.

  • Resolution: 1 °F
  • Measuring field: 23 °F + 104 °F

  • Precision: +/- 35.6 °F/10min change °T
  • Precision: +/- 50 seconds month average
  • 24 hours display

  • CR 2430 - 3V battery. 2 years average life (by 50 yearly dives).