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Cyano Dive Computer- Diving Extended

Cyano Dive Computer- Diving Extended
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Cyano Dive Computer: Diving Extended

Cyano dive computer introduced by Watoom earlier in April continues winning the hearts of divers, and the hearts of our Divestock crew are not exception.

Already available in our store, we are excited to talk a bit more about this innovative and stylish dive computer which promises to give us an extended diving experience.


So, let’s start from the looks and the design before exploring the inside outs of a diver’s best friend.

The minimalistic design that Cyano owns does not make you wish for more. Probably the first dive computer in the market to be versatile both for everyday life and your dive adventures. The removable strap makes it easy to use the computer in multiple ways, such as by hanging it as an accessory from a clip or wearing it like a necklace.

It has a wireless charging and is compatible with all wireless chargers on the market.

It’s made of high quality stainless steel and silicone. The strap has a standard length and the material feels very pleasant on the skin. Most importantly, the computer has a clear and bright user interface which is one of the crucial points in choosing computer. We all divers know how important it is to get the information we need regardless how dark or bright the water is.

There is a lot to say about the sophisticated appearance of the computer, but better is to see once than to hear many times ;)

Two Modes

Talking about the technical part, as we have mentioned already the computer has two modes: diving and watch. The diving mode includes what diver would normally need , such as no-decompression limit; diving time; water depth; water temperature; diving log; stopwatch; present time; compass.

The computer stores up to 125 dives. The mobile app of Cyano makes it possible to wirelessly download and manage the data and it goes further to enabling the diver to share data on social media.

Watch mode includes digital or analog watch interface and an alarm.

Visit our web shop to learn more and be one step away from owning this beauty.


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