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Diving with Thresher Shark

Diving with Thresher Shark
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Find Thresher Shark in Cebu and Malapascua

The Thresher shark is one of the most fascinating sharks to me. Among many other mysteries, its life in the depths is still unknown. We practically know nothing about it.The shark is very difficult to find and you must be prepared to spend a lot of time searching for it. My partner Tomas Jansson and I travelled to the island of Cebu (Philippines) where we lived aboard the beautiful schooner Siren Philippine for a week with a magnificent and professional team. Throughout the week we visited the most beautiful and important diving spots of Cebu, including the island of Malapascua, where the Thresher shark lives throughout the year. The best time to see them is at dawn at the cleaning stations because as the morning progresses they return to the deep blue, where their life is still a mystery.

Tips on Diving with Thresher Shark

From the onset the first dive to see this shark was a great adventure because when I was sitting in the dinghy waiting for the rest of the group to board a sea snake settled on my finns. These snakes are very poisonous and at night they look for places to rest i.e. our dinghy. Fortunately, the Mares fins are long so I could control the snake from a distance until one of the Siren crew returned it to the sea. After making sure there were no more snakes and all the equipment was on board we set off. We dived to a depth of 32 meters where a cliff sloped down to a platform of white sand. A rope was attached in the sand bed so divers could hold on to it to maintain position when watching the shark. The Thresher sharks come to this meeting point in Malapascua so they can be cleaned by small fishes. Due to fact that this shark is very shy you cannot swim towards them from the rope or use camera flashes. If divers do not comply with the rules the sharks may be scared off and never return. My first vision of the Thresher shark can be compared with 1watching a movie in slow motion as it was 6 am, still quite dark and a bit blurred.

I would like to describe the dive in one word - MAGICAL. When the shark passed by it was like sitting in a box at the opera house, enjoying a beautiful performance. Its movements were slow and elegant. I was captivated by the snake like movements of it’s long tail. What a magnificent creature! Looking at my dive computer I had 4 more minutes before time to ascend as I could not stay at this depth indefinitely. When I looked into the beautiful sharks big black eyes for the last time before ascending, I thought bye for now and hope to look into these soon again. Having had the opportunity to be close to this magnificent shark, I feel very special. Unfortunately, like many other sharks the Thresher shark is very threatened by finning and I hope it’s possible to continue protecting them so we can continue to see them in the future.

Text by Regina Malles Ekman and Photo Credit: Tomas Jansson

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Mikael Sandström 2 years ago at 11:26 AM
I have been to malapascua several times. I love to see the elegance and beauty of the sharks and if you are lucky they can come in very close. Look all around as sometimes they pass by over you.
If you are going to stay on the island, I can really recommend TSD (Thresher Shark Divers), a top-rated dive shop with knowledgeable staff. They can arrange everything from diving, reserving accommodation and a private transfer from eg Cebu Airport.
komal shinde 2 years ago at 9:17 AM
nice post, Scuba Diving in Goa is great a sporting love to be with cute fishes for a while.Regards