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Kiki Bosch: Ice Freediver on Board with Divestock

Kiki Bosch: Ice Freediver on Board with Divestock
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Disturb the Comfort

Kiki Bosch – you probably heard this name before in the realm of ice freediving; but if you haven’t - then meet and welcome the powerhouse ice freediver Kiki, who has recently become the ambassador of Divestock.

How does a cold winter day feel when the temperature goes below 0 and you are wrapped in some thick layers of cloths? Probably not as comforting. How about entering the water without those layers? Even less comforting for a majority of people.

The same does not go for Kiki who dares to disturb the comfort. Thicker layer than a warm drysuit her mind is that covers and protects her in the cold North Atlantic Waters.

Watch this captivating video of freediving in Iceland, because seeing once than hearing a dozen of times counts better :)

Trip to Estonia and Freediving in Rummu Quarry

When visiting Estonia Kiki had a dive in Rummu underwater prison together with our divers' team and shared her impressions on her Instagram account.

Kiki Bosch

While her next journey is taking up the challenge to hit an underwater free ice diving record, we wish her best of all lucks and keep following on her big adventures.

Kiki Bosch


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Preetam Singh 3 years ago at 8:34 AM
Amazing Video. Very inspirational and beautiful. Thanks for posting this blog.