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New Releases 2018. Editor's choice

New Releases 2018. Editor's choice
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Diving is what we do, diving gear is what we know.

New year in diving industry means new and improved gear releases. In this blog post we've highlighted some products we're most excited about (so far).

Let’s start with our best friend under water - buoyancy control device.

The newest AquaLung Outlaw BCD has a minimalistic approach to diving, which we can't ignore.

  • It's perfect for expert divers.
  • This model has neither pockets, nor steel D-rings. It's just a simple backpack.
  • You can create up to 27 different sizes with just this one BCD. A great feature when your friend needs to use one.
  • Back inflation BCD with an interchangeable bladder available in 5L/12lbs & 11L/25 lbs lift capacities.
  • It has easy-to-disconnect shoulders and waists and weights less than 4lb/1.8kg, which is perfect for your diving trip.

As an option, you can also go with:

  • patented SureLock II Weight System, which allows you to easily insert the weight pouch and an audible "click" lets you know the weights are secure in the BC. Once engaged, the weights can be released with a firm pull of the handle.
  • Trim pockets (2.25kg/5lbs).

Next on the menu is a solution to warmth issues - Fourth Element X-Core Vest.

This vest is designed to utilize the body’s own heat output and retaining it, weight for weight the X-Core is our warmest undergarment yet. No batteries needed.

With X-Core vest you can enjoy your dive experience even longer. And in style.

  • Sleeveless design provides a complete freedom of movement for valve shut downs.
  • Contains 76% recycled polyester.
  • Four-way stretch fabric for snug fit with additional thermal layer on chest panel.
  • Odour resistant.
  • Machine washable.

Last, but not least, an amazing Seac Sub Full Face Snorkeling Mask Unica, which comes in two models:

SeacSub Full Face Snorkeling Mask Unica & SeacSub Full Face Snorkeling Mask Unica MD.

What's the difference? The MD model is suitable for people with slightly thinner faces and children.

  • This mask allows you to breath naturally through your nose and mouth while exploring the magical underwater world (with a 180° field of vision). This is due to an exclusive patented breathing system located in the front of the mask.
  • Fogging is excluded.
  • The MD version of Unica also features a dry valve mouthpiece, a skirt in the finest silicone, and a panoramic lens for an amazing field of vision.
  • And it comes in fantastic colour combinations.

Check all the latest products here.

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