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Pelagic Sharks Adventures in South Maldives

Pelagic Sharks Adventures in South Maldives
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In today's time of limited and everchanging travel opportunities, Tomas looks back at his travels to South Maldives and diving with pelagic sharks.

Laamu Atoll

At Male I caught a domestic flight to Kadhdhoo airport in the Laamu Atoll where I boarded the liveaboard dive vessel to take me to the unexploited dive sites North and South of the Equatorial channel.

Pelagic Sharks Adventures in South Maldives

At the Laamu Atoll, we performed a check dive to make sure our balance and equipment were ok. All diving this time would be made from the dive tender dhonis to give precise entry and exit points and dive times between 45 and 60 minutes depending on depth and currents. We made several reef dives but only saw a few large pelagic fish due to the low current. There were however lots of pristine beautiful corals and colourful reef fish to enjoy.

Huvadhoo Atoll

Pelagic Sharks Adventures in South Maldives

When we arrived at the Huvadhoo Atoll which is located just above the equator, I was already in the dive, eat, sleep and repeat routine. At this atoll, it was a challenge to dive in the strong currents and I soon realised how lucky I was to have freediving fins. As soon I was in the water I looked for a place on the reef to hook on to. I mostly used my film camera because the panorama view was fantastic and stunning when hundreds of grey reef sharks passed by. When it was time to end the dive, I hooked myself off the reef and drifted in the strong current. On the way I saw turtles, mobulas, eagle rays, sharks and other fish. It was awesome!

Pelagic Sharks Adventures in South Maldives

Fuvahamulah island

During a blue water drift dive outside Fuvahamulah island the wind started to blow hard and we had to seek shelter in the small harbour. This place has become unique in a certain way because of the local fishing. The giblets from the fisherman's daily catch are thrown overboard in the inlet to the harbour which attracts a lot of sharks. This was something we really wanted to witness.

Pelagic Sharks Adventures in South Maldives

When the first tiger shark appeared from the depths we were situated at the edge of the reef ready with our cameras. It swam slowly over the reef and shortly later 9 more followed and the feast started. Lots of silvertip sharks quickly appeared and circled ”the dinner table”. When pieces of the giblets fell over the edge of the reef at least 10-15 silvertips would follow like torpedoes to catch them before the muraenas did. It was now time to return to the liveaboard as we were more than satisfied with the days diving.

Have you had the opportunity to dive in South Maldives? We'd love to hear about your diving trips.

Text & Photo by Tomas Jansson | ScubaTravel