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Scuba Diving Destination: Philippines Liveaboard

Scuba Diving Destination: Philippines Liveaboard
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Our team have lately traveled to the island of Cebu in the Philippines. In this post they are telling about their exciting experience which they had there with whale and thresher sharks.

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Whale Sharks & Thresher Sharks

We were 16 excited divers from Sweden, Norway, Denmark and England who impatiently waited at the luggage belt on the Philippine island of Cebu. For 7 days the 40 - meter long, luxury liveaboard S/Y Philippine Siren would take us around the island with stops at the dive sites Kalanggahan, Malapascaua, Gato Island, Oslob and Apo Island. With a refreshing welcome drink in our hand and a waiting dinner buffet, we pulled up the anchor and started our journey.

The first night we laid anchor outside the paradise island of Kalanggahan. We did two dives with good visibility and beautiful corals before continuing to Cebu´s northern tip where one of the highlights of the trip awaited. Next morning, before sunrise we were awakened and while we rubbed the sleep out of our eyes, we had breakfast and made ready. Today we will dive with the shadowy and mysterious Thresher shark. The ribs waited at the railing to take us out to Monad Shoal. When we arrived at the popular dive site (one of the world´s best for diving with Thresher sharks), dive boats were already in place.

Prepared as we were, we could just roll in from the boats and slowly sink down to the cleaning station at 32 meters depth. It was dark down there, but after a while we saw the Thresher shark´s characteristic long tail fin glow in the darkness. It came magically gliding over the cleaning station, then discreetly disappearing into the darkness. When it had cleaned a couple of times, 3 sharks emerged from different directions and glide in to be cleaned. Down in the depths, time flew and suddenly it was time to begin the ascension. Back in the ribs, the joy was great. What a dream start we had!

The journey continued south, along the west coast of Cebu, with Gato Island as the first stop. We dived in small caves, on beautiful reef formations with a wide range of colorful soft corals and macro. After a delicious dinner, we discussed the following morning’s early whale shark dive at Oslob. We were first in place and found ourselves inside the marked area when from the bangka boats, they started feeding the wales with small fish. It was awesome to see the giants coming up from the depth and into shallow waters. For 15 minutes it was just us and the whale sharks, then appeared snorkelers in orange life jackets everywhere.

The best place to study when the whales sawed and filtered the food, was at the surface. It was fascinating to see how incredibly large amount of water they suck. Time went fast here too and soon our 60 minutes was up. Back on the boat the mood was high and everyone wanted to tell about their special meetings with the nice giants. It now began to approach the end of our lovely journey. Our last stop would be Apo Island with its fresh reefs, pristine corals and crystal clear waters with infinite visibility. The divers absolute dream conditions.

Text and Photo Credit: Tomas Jansson

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