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Top Tips for Diving with Sharks

Top Tips for Diving with Sharks
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If you are a regular reader of our blog you are familiar with Tomas who shares us his exceptional diving experience with sharks in various parts of the world. Now the time has arrived to guide you through the essential must follow tips from Tomas which you don’t want to dismiss when scuba diving with these residents of underwater.

The shark is a top predator that plays a very important part in the marine ecosystem. There are 440 different species of shark that have been identified in the oceans today. Most sharks have a calm temperament, but some have to be feared, some are large whilst others are small. Surprisingly, some of the largest species of sharks are the nicest ones to encounter. The most incredible shark I have seen so far is the epaulet shark also called the ''walking shark”.

GOLDEN RULE - Always follow the dive briefing given by the dive guide and never dive alone.

Shark´s behavior

The whitetip reef shark is placid during the daytime but at night it is an aggressive predator hunting for food around the corals.

Tip: Learn about the species behavior, it can change depending on the situation and hour of the day.

Top Tips for Diving with Sharks

Right equipment

My first shark dive was with a blacktip in South Africa. The visibility was not the best when I entered the water. Shortly after the sharks began to approach me and to my horror one bit into my short yellow fins. The color of my fins had caught the shark’s attention.

Tip: Choose dark and neutral colors. Wear gloves and a hood. Keep in mind that photo flashes and shiny jewelry can attract the shark´s attention.

Top tips for diving with sharks

Stand your ground

The sharks always keep track of where you are, and they usually attack from behind. To swim away from a shark is not a good idea as it triggers the shark´s hunting behavior.

Tip: Important to keep track of where the sharks are and keep each other informed accordingly. If it comes to close to you, stare it in the eyes with a fixed look.

Top Tips for Diving with Sharks

Avoid murky water

Once when diving with hammerhead sharks the water was clear, visibility good and we could see the sharks circling around us. Suddenly the current changed direction and the environment changed completely. The clear water turned green and cloudy and the sharks began to swim into us and bite into our flashes and cables.

Tip: Don´t dive when the underwater visibility is poor because the risk of being mistaken for food is high. Remember, in murky water the shark has the advantage and can exploit it with its highly developed sensory system.

Text and Photo by Tomas Jansson | ScubaTravel

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