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  • Cressi Mini Palau Junior Bag Snorkeling Set - Blue/Azure
  • Cressi Mini Palau Junior Bag Snorkeling Set - Clear/Pink
  • Cressi Kids Net Bag

Cressi Mini Palau Junior Bag Snorkeling Set

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Cressi Snorkeling Set for Kids Includes:

  • Palau Kid Fins
  • Estrella Junior Mask
  • Top Colorama Snorkel
  • Cressi Kids Net Bag

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Cressi Mini Palau Junior Bag Snorkeling Set

High range kid size snorkeling kit 100 % Cressi made in Italy that includes:


Estrella Junior Mask

100% polyvalent mask perfect for apnea, snorkeling and diving. Really resistant and polyvalent also for diving centers. The frame’s design has been minimized through thicknesses and the glasses have been lightly angulated to improve the vertical and horizontal visibility. Completely pivoting tilting belts in all directions joined to the frame through flexible and unbreakable elastomer (through pusher with only one hand). Silicone skirt with 85% reliability percentage. Silicone strap.


Top Colorama Snorkel

The Dry snorkel tube has an unparalleled terminal on the superior part that has a special valve with 100% anti-splash buoying system that closes the tube on the moment that it’s underwater avoiding water entrance. Corrugated Silflex tube that maintains the mouthpiece always well positioned. The silicone mouthpiece is really anatomic and designed for small mouths. A special valve with elliptical emptying diaphragm facilitates the water removal with the minimum effort. It’s the perfect snorkel for kids that are not used to snorkels, because the always conflicting water entrance due to the waves or to the position on the surface is completely eliminated.


Palau Kid Adjustable Fins

Adjustable fins specific for use it without foot pockets or with foot pockets without sole. The foot pocket has an anatomy studied to fill in three feet sizes comfortably and without annoying spaces thanks to its internal area especially stylized, combined with a material of excellent relationship consistency-elasticity. The result is an extraordinary fin from the practical point of view that adapts practically in all feet and that allows a quick and easy insertion and disinsertion in any situation. It’s really polyvalent for several family members or friends group. The blade, thin with nerves, provides a pleasant, reactive and stable fluttering thanks to the high-module propylene that is been used.

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Product's code CA123029-CP
Manufacturer Cressi
Gender Kids/Juniors
Product Type Snorkel Sets

Palau Kid Adjustable Fins Size Chart

Cressi Palau Kid Fin Size Chart