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  • Aluminum Backplate with Cinch and complete Harness

Aluminum Backplate with Cinch and complete Harness

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Quick Overview

Aluminum hardcoated Backplate, Harness and Cinch Upgrade w Ext Bolt

Halcyon Aluminium Backplate with Complete Cinch Quick-Adjust Harness


Halcyon Aluminium Backplate

As with most Halcyon products, an immense amount of behind-the-scenes work is required to create a plate that we are proud to sell. Halcyon backplates have been refined over the years, to provide the highest-quality finish and materials available. Small details, like the unique bends near the bottom of the plate, create an ergonomic curve, increasing diver comfort. Meanwhile, our precise fabrication process ensures the quality you have come to expect from Halcyon. Each Halcyon backplate is cut from the highest quality stainless steel, and sophisticated CNC machines mill every edge. This detailed process eliminates the sharp edges common with competitors’ plates. Machine polishing is augmented by individual handwork, perfecting both form and function.


Key Features of the Halcyon Backplate

  • Constructed from high-grade, hard-coat aluminum
  • Carefully milled surfaces eliminate sharp edges
  • Compatible with any Halcyon BC component
  • Standard: lighter weight 2-lb. (.9kg) aluminum
  • Standard-size plates are 15.5” X 10.25” (39.3cm x 26cm)
  • Utility holes allow mating with Storage Pak to stow a variety of lift devices as well as the small Halcyon dry suit inflation kit 


Complete Cinch Quick-Adjust Harness

The Halcyon Quick-adjust harness sets a new standard in recreational and technical BC systems. The Cinch (patent pending) can be used with single or double tanks, and allows easy harness adjustability, while avoiding “quick-release” buckles and dangling webbing. Simply push or pull the webbing, and your size adjustment is complete. This quick, easy-fit system allows divers to size a snug harness without compromising easy removability. It is also ideal for student training and rental departments, or for divers that wear suits of varying thicknesses. The system is easily adjustable in or out of the water, making it ideal for convenient, in-water equipment removal. The Cinch is also very effective during emergency situations.


Key Components of the Cinch Quick-adjust Harness

  • Cinch Quick-adjust harness - infinite adjustability with a simple push or pull of the webbing
  • Available in standard and small sizes to fit our stainless steel or aluminum Halcyon backplates
  • Can be used with single or double tank BC Systems
  • Seamless use with Halcyon ACB weight pockets, canister light and hip D-ring


Cinch Components :

  • The Halcyon Cinch Plate
  • Replacement webbing
  • ACB Weight Pocket Adapters
  • Light Retainer Assembly
  • D-Ring Assembly
  • SS Bolt Kit
  • Quick-adjust Crotch Strap
  • Double Tank Bolt Extender
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Manufacturer Halcyon
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