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  • IDE TL Marina Series
  • IDE TL Marina Series
  • IDE TL Marina Series

IDE TL Marina Series

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Quick Overview

Oil-free, low-pressure compressor, the ideal model for yachts, in marinas, on fish farms, dive-boats, for dive centers and dive safaris. Because of its features, our customers also use it for professional tasks like sewers and tank cleaning, technical and marine rescue squad missions, and more. Its extremely compact dimensions and low weight guarantee perfect handling in any work environment.

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Total mobility

The TL-series is the most compact solution for a carefree supply with breathing-air - independent of local conditions or technical equipment like air tanks. The oil-free low-pressure compressor can be powered by an electric motor or a gasoline engine. It is equipped with a breathing-air pressure-hose of 18 meters (59 ft.) length and a diaphragm-controlled regulator. It weighs only 26 kgs (57 lbs.) and is perfect for dives with direct air-supply to about 15 meters (50 ft.) depth. The delivered air fulfills the requirements of the DIN EN 12021 standard.

Portable breathing-air supply

Its perfect handling saves time and guarantees an excellent cost-benefit ratio for your purposes.


Cylinders of all stages are made of a special aluminum alloy with hard-chromium plated cylinder liners. The frame for motor and compressor-block is made of 3 mm (ca. 1/8 in.) sheet steel with welded reinforcements. Piston rings are made of special plastics delivering high performance and long-term service life in oil-free operation.

Safe? Sure!

  • Guaranteed pure breathing-air, which meets the requirements of international standards, including DIN EN 12021. 
  • Screwed connections on all pressurized ducts are constructed with up to fourfold safety. 
  • Supply hose in foodstuff-suitable quality, with diaphragm-controlled regulator. 


  • Service and contractual partners with spare-parts service in almost 20 countries around the world.
  • Comprehensive technical training and instruction programs.
  • Advisory service for customers on cost-effective project management.
● standard | o optional | - not available for this model
Features EM/ET RB
Powder-coated sheet steel frame with handle
7 liter (1.85 gal.) / 11 bars (160 psi) reservoir pressure vessel
Hose connector with special rapid-action hose coupling
Filter system FT 90
Condensate draining valve, manual
Power switch with 2 m (6.5 ft.) service cable -
2nd hose with regulator o o
50 liter (13 gal.) pressure vessel, EE-model - / o o
Quick coupling adapter o o


* Other voltages possible
Model Drive
motor *
Filtersystem Dimensions in cm
net kg
TL Marina EM 230V / 50 Hz 380 1.400 1,5/2,0 FT 90 34x38x55 26
TL Marina ET 400V / 50 Hz 400 1.400 1,5/2,0 FT 90 34x38x55 25
TL Marina RB Benzin 420 3.000 2,2/3,0 FT 90 43x47x47 27
Product's code TLMarina