Masks, Snorkels & Fins

Masks, Snorkels & Fins

When planning to head out snorkeling you need to get your hands on a mask that is both comfortable and offers maximum vision. That´s a fact. Our masks come in different designs and colours and they all provide different features for flexibility and comfort. It´s a matter of preference and the choice is ultimately yours! However, the staff at DiveStock are always happy to guide you.

Combine your chosen mask with the ultimate snorkel. Straight or slightly curved hose, flexible silicone mouthpieces or aqua stop valve at the top of your snorkel -- all these features will strongly enhance your comfort while enjoying the beauty of the natural aquarium that is the underwater world. Last but not least you need a pair of fins to move around smoothly in the water. We have a large range of practically designed fins sold separately, but these can also be found included in our snorkeling packages for both young children and adult snorkelers. Once you have your mask, snorkel and fins ready, there´s no stopping you!

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