Drawing strength from a tradition in spearfishing and freediving equipment that dates back to the middle of the 1970's, up until 1995 Omer and Sporasub were sibling brands under one catalog and one direction.

Lombardy is where pride at doing things well with the greatest creative flair is always accompanied by an open mind to innovation and the application of leading edge production techniques. This region of Italy has a longstanding tradition of hunting. Some of the most famous gunsmiths that emerged from Lombardy and are household names today tracing their roots back to the age of Leonardo Da Vinci. It was a small gunsmiths' machine shop, Officina-Meccanica-Rezzato (O.ME.R), specializing in firearm components that drew from its vast experience in this field that recognized the need for innovation, attention to detail and precision tantamount to a small high quality production.

In the 1990's the second generation of the family took over the running of the firm consolidating its presence on the Italian market and constantly increasing sales volume and product quality. In the mid 1990's, Omer consolidated its production under one brand and parted with Sporasub that was then acquired by Head HTM group under Mares Spa* which took the brand in a different direction.

Sporasub is one of the most longstanding brands in freediving and spearfishing. Since the dawn of this sport, Sporasub products have always been present. The double-fish logo is deeply engrained in the memory of experienced fisherman around the world. Started in France and now world-renown, the Sporasub brand has recently seen ownership changes and many ups and downs.

The brand has been too frequently used on products that didn't deserve it, including products for scuba diving. The logo has been changed many times and debased. Today, we start again, from what we consider to be square one. Sporasub products were initially designed to be cutting edge tools for only the most demanding spearfishermen. And now finally we have been given the opportunity for a new life to this brand through a line of high quality products that have been conceived, designed, and created to be the highest level products in this market. Sporasub products in this catalogue, set themselves apart. Each product has been designed to be simply one-of-a-kind. The return of the "old" logo is not by chance but rather it is an sign of our solid intention to replicate, once again, the storied success of this brand.

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