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Quick Overview

The Suex XK1 DPV is a high specification, exploration grade diving mobility scooter that is ideal for long cavern penetrations, deep diving or a combination of the 2.

The Suex XK1 ADV is the perfect mobility scooter for deep, long dives such as exploration cavern scuba diving. The XK1 includes a high capability li-ion battery that is capable of taking a huge quantity of kit through the water over amazing lengths. The long body of the XK1 ADV makes certain that the scooter rides directly and real in the water unlike shorter mobility scooters that can be twitchy. Out of the box the XK1 is neutrally buoyant and flawlessly cut allow for effortless manoeuvrability and convenience over fars away. The aluminium body its more than efficient in enduring the tenacities of expedition degree diving. The XK1 is likewise capable of taking upgrades that are a have to for expedition diving and these are described listed below.

Bypass switch

In an above setting it is absolutely essential to go back to the entrance, if you have scooter into a cave then opportunities are you will possibly need to mobility scooter out once again thanks to the substantial proximity a scooter can take you. Because of this a get around switch can be matched that just connects battery to the electric motor, as long as the electric motor is feature and there is cost operating the by pass switch will make your scooter run. The bypass switch draws away electric far from all the electronic devices and is a have to for any cavern scuba diver.

Battery gauge

A battery gauge can be included in the Suex XK1 and reveals a diver the amount of burn times they can anticipate via 3 blue LED's. This can be beneficial if lots of mobility scooters needed staging from a job as it can be challenging to understand which mobility scooter has exactly what fee having actually invested days or weeks in the water. It can also be used to judge on the fly just how much longer your mobility scooter will certainly last permitting vibrant dive planning.


Suex Proplock permits you to take out the XK1 prop by just unscrewing. This is extremely beneficial for scuba divers who might obtain products trapped within the prop such as line in caves or dangers that are on wrecks. Utilizing a proplock prop allows the prop to be eliminated promptly, the entanglement unblocked, the prop switched out and the dive continued in a matter of mins.

Two speed N-Handle

The N-Handle suited to the XK1 ADV is not only extremely comfortable to using on long period of times invested on the trigger yet it likewise offers you two rates at your finger ideas. The speed at the initial position can be selected utilizing the variable rate control knob, this environment is utilized to make sure that all employee are taking a trip at the same speed and prolongs battery life. The second position is max rate and offers outstanding turn of speed to overtake the group or encountering unexpected higher flow.

Length 960mm Width 460mm
Height 364mm Body diameter 197mm
Weight without battery 17kg Weight with battery 25kg
Material  type Tecnopolymers/Aluminium Static thrust 34-39kg
Max speed 81-86m/min Range at max speed/drag 6.1km
Maximum operational depth 200m Test depth 300m
Bouyancy/Trim Neutral Battery type Li-ion
Nominal voltage 37.5volts Nominal capacity 1050wh
Maximum recharging time 8 hours Charger power supply 90/240 - 50/60hz


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